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Same Great Support. Simplified for 2015 and beyond.

Finally—ColdFusion support you can count on.

Since 2001, we at Webapper have provided leading-edge ColdFusion consulting services, allowing our customers to maximize their investments in ColdFusion. Better performance. Better stability. Better software overall. Our high-demand consulting services, originally designed in the 1990s at Allaire Corporation, have been a big success, with one exception—they're generally reactive. Over the years, our customers tended to call us only after problems had arisen. And our customers were increasingly asking for a more proactive approach. With the launch of our formal ColdFusion support plans in January of 2010, we listened. Finally—ColdFusion support that will maximize your investments in ColdFusion technology.

We welcome you to browse our support offerings below, and then contact us today to obtain a ColdFusion support plan that's right for you. We look forward to serving all of your ColdFusion needs!

Server Down?

Maximize ColdFusion uptime by drawing upon Webapper's unparalleled experience tuning and stabilizing ColdFusion systems. Not sure if you're interested in long-term support yet? Then start with a ColdFusion TNT engagement—the fastest and most effective way to tune and stabilize your ColdFusion servers. Period.

ColdFusion Support Services

Our ColdFusion services were originally designed in the 1990s at Allaire Corporation in order to deliver support for the increasingly large and complex ColdFusion systems being built around the world. We've honed these services continuously since then, having delivered them to thousands of customers around the world, and the result is ColdFusion experience and expertise that covers every aspect of your ColdFusion systems, but that is also flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

January 2012 Update: After 2 years of delivering multi-level, prepaid support plans, in 2012 we're switching to a model in which every customer's support plan is custom-tailored to specific needs. This means you'll always get the right amount of support, and nothing more or less (which is common problem with typical support plans). The service areas defined below have evolved from decades of combined experience, and cover all of the needs of your ColdFusion system, even including the (new!) area of management consulting for ColdFusion. Feel free to browse the service descriptions below, and then contact us today to secure your customized ColdFusion support plan.

 Tuning & Troubleshooting Services

This is our flagship offering, and nobody has tuned more ColdFusion systems than we have. Our methodology is based upon a model we created and honed over many years of tuning the world's largest and most complex systems—the Performance and Stability Stack, or PASS—which allows us to find and fix the causes of performance and stability problems wherever they exist.

A few of the improvements we deliver via this service:

  • Rapid identification of root causes of performance and stability problems, wherever they exist
  • Detailed memory-usage analysis and tuning
  • Detailed thread-usage analysis and tuning
  • Detailed bottleneck analysis and tuning
  • Code review and refactoring for better performance
  • Complete review of system settings/configuration (including full ColdFusion Administrator review)

 Infrastructure Services

The hosting infrastructure is literally the foundation of performance and stability, and we offer comprehensive infrastructure design, implementation, tuning and maintenance services, including complex clustering and failover systems.

A few of the advantages we deliver via this service:

  • Comprehensive hosting design and implementation for optimal performance
  • Hosting upgrades/migrations (including ColdFusion upgrades, 32-bit to 64-bit upgrades, and more)
  • Clustering/failover/disaster recovery expertise
  • ColdFusion updater/hotfix assistance

 Launch Services

We've been load testing ColdFusion since our days back at the "Mother Ship," Allaire Corporation, where ColdFusion was created. This service takes the best practices of the load testing industry and applies them to ColdFusion-based systems specifically, allowing you to get maximum capacity from your ColdFusion systems, and to scale up successfully as your system grows.

A few of the things you can accomplish via this service:

  • Accurately determine how much load your current system can handle
  • Implement a proactive plan for handling increased traffic
  • Establish an ongoing performance testing and process

 Database Services

Databases are themselves complex software platforms, and thus they require platform experts. That's why our team includes senior-level database engineers with deep expertise in database performance engineering specifically.

A few of the database enhancements you can achieve via this service:

  • Extensive database tuning (index tuning (fragmentation, clustering, etc.), disk I/O tuning, query tuning, and much, much more)
  • Advanced database clustering, including real-time data replication and automatic failover schemes
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Automated database monitoring and "self-healing" configuration
  • Essential ongoing database maintenance (updaters/patches, ongoing performance and other server health auditing, etc.)
  • Database upgrades (including from extremely outdated systems, like SQL Server 2000)

 Development Services

Our team includes a full-service in-house development team specializing in applying software engineering best practices and tools for building complex ColdFusion-based Web applications.

Some of the things our development services can offer:

  • Full lifecycle development services (Check out our featured projects Open in a new window/tab... today to see some of the things we've built.)
  • Supplemental development for your existing team
  • Architecture guidance for planning complex applications
  • Development mentoring (best practices guidance for your existing development team/process)
  • "Rescue" services (get a troubled project back on track and completed ASAP)
  • Migration of complex legacy systems to the web
  • Application "audits" for assessing the viability of existing applications

 Management Consulting Services (New!)

Nearly all systems struggle (or fail), not due to technical problems, but because they're not managed properly. ColdFusion systems are no different, and with all of the boardrooms we've been in over the years, we can provide the best possible guidance in this critical area as well.

Some questions you can get answered via this service:

  • Should I hire this person for my ColdFusion team?
  • Is ColdFusion worth the price?
  • Is it time to upgrade ColdFusion, or can I wait?
  • What can I expect to pay for ColdFusion talent?
  • How do I pick a ColdFusion hosting company?
  • Does ColdFusion scale?
  • What's the long-term roadmap for ColdFusion as a commercial product?
  • Should I migrate to a different platform?
  • Do I really need ColdFusion Enterprise, or will Standard work for my needs?
  • Is my development team firing on all cylinders?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this support different?
We re-engineered the typical support process from the ground up. We started with what we knew worked very well—our unparalleled expertise in the ColdFusion platform. Then, we looked at why typical support plans don't work very well—using product engineers to deliver results for real-world problems, structuring plans so that they're largely reactive and expensive insurance policies, etc. We fixed those problems, combined these custom-designed and proactive plans together with our deep platform expertise, and the result is—ColdFusion support plans that actually enhance the quality of your ColdFusion systems, instead of just reacting to problems.

Specifically, we custom-design a support plan that meets your technical and budget needs, and that evolves over time as those needs change. How do we do this? By knowing what real-world ColdFusion systems need from end-to-end—tuning and troubleshooting, hosting infrastructure enhancements, load-/stress-testing for capacity planning purposes, database management services, code review, and more, and by being able to deliver improvements as quickly as possible.
But I've hired experts before to solve my ColdFusion problems, and I wasn't satisfied. How can I be sure your services are effective?
We've heard this repeatedly from our customers over the years. The reason our services are more effective is because ColdFusion performance and stability expertise is a specialty (along with all the related expertise—troubleshooting methodologies, hosting/infrastructure best practices, load-/stress-testing and capacity planning efforts, etc). Even very experienced generalists will not have the specialized knowledge needed to address these problems quickly and effectively. Our engineers have always been specialists in these areas, and this makes our services the fastest and most cost-effective way to get the most out of your ColdFusion systems.
What sorts of problems can I expect to get help with?
All of them! Our promise to our customers is that wherever your ColdFusion needs are, we'll have expert advice and solutions to offer. Check out our the description of services for more details ("Support Plans" link on the left).
So how much support time do I get every week (or month, or year)?
We no longer have pre-set/pre-paid plans with an arbitrary amount of support. The reality is that your support needs (and, very likely, budgets) will change over time, and your support plan should change with them, rather than forcing you into a specific support level/category. On an ongoing basis, we work closely with you to plan out the support level you need, and that's exactly what we deliver. If you need 2 weeks of support one month, that's what we'll deliver. If you need 2 days the next month, then we'll only deliver that. This ensures that you're always getting the right level of support based on a combination of your technical and budget needs.
How much does support cost?
The bill rate for support services is $165/hour (discounted from our "retail" rate for services). Lower rates are available for more extensive/longer-term needs. We've worked with budgets large and small for our entire history as a firm, so we're very good at tailoring services to specific budgetary needs.
Is there a minimum amount of support I have to buy?
2 weeks (80 hours) per year. Support plans are designed for customers who want/need long-term, ongoing best practices support for their ColdFusion investments. Our on-demand consulting services Open in a new window/tab... are a good option for shorter-term needs, or if you're uncertain if you want/need longer-term support.
I'll need support for my live servers. Can you work carefully on production systems?
We've only ever worked on live systems, so we're highly experienced in the safe practices needed for production environments.
Can you help with bugs in the ColdFusion product itself?
We can. We obviously don't have access to the ColdFusion source code, but, we do have engineers who have in fact worked inside the product as QA/support engineers, and in addition we pay very close attention to ColdFusion's patch/updater releases.
Are there flexible payment options?
Yes! Our services are designed to be as flexible as possible in every way, including in terms of payment options. You may pay via credit card, check or electronic funds transfer.
How do onsite visits work?
Most of the time we do 100% of our support work remotely. However, we're happy to come onsite if/when needed. We must have a minimum of 30 days notice onsite visits.

Our Talent

Our ColdFusion support engineers are the #1 factor differentiating our services from any others available anywhere. Our team has delivered ColdFusion services to thousands of customers around the world. We've built this team by hiring only from among the most experienced members of the ColdFusion community.

Below is a listing of Webapper's core team members (in alphabetical order). In addition to the team shown below, Webapper has leveraged its successes to create a highly-talented pool of partners and independent software engineers as well.

Rex Aglibot, Senior Engineer

Rex Aglibot

Practice Areas: Application Development, Performance Engineering, SeeSoftware, Amazon Hosting

Rex was hand-picked to join Webapper by our Director of Performance Engineering Services, Mike Brunt. An endorsement like that doesn't come easily at all, but Rex isn't short on other credentials and experience as well. He holds too many computing degrees and certifications to list here! And like all Webapper engineers, he's been programming with ColdFusion for well over 10 years, and has extensive experience with several other languages/platforms as well. Rex also has deep and broad experience with testing and troubleshooting Web application systems, in particular ColdFusion. Among the many talents that he brings to Webapper, Rex is our resident expert on ColdFusion updaters/patches, the applying of which can melt the brain of even the most seasoned ColdFusion engineer. Perhaps the best that can be said about Rex is that, around our virtual hallways, he's affectionately referred to by his colleagues as simply "Rexcellent."

Daryl Banttari, Senior Engineer

Daryl Banttari

Practice Area: SeeSoftware

Daryl's work in computing dates back to the late 1980's, when he began his technology career as a Programmer/Analyst for the US Army. He was named Programmer of the Year in 1990, and has been accumulating similar technical accolades ever since. Daryl has served as the senior-most technical resource, including Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer positions, at leading companies such as Sprint Corporation. In 2000, Allaire Corporation recruited Daryl as a Senior Consultant, where his contributions had an immediate and distinct impact on the success of the consulting group (2000 "FastStart" award for most added value in shortest time, and 2001 "Consulting MVP"). Following Macromedia's acquisition of Allaire in 2001, Daryl became a Senior Product Support Engineer for the ColdFusion/JRun platform. In 2005, Daryl solidified Webapper's status as a premiere provider of Web application engineering expertise by joining Webapper as its Chief Architect. In this role until 2008, Daryl delivered or oversaw all of Webapper's technical solutions, spanning the entire spectrum of technologies that comprise Web-based applications. In addition, Daryl is the lead designer and developer of the SeeSoftware™ product line, which includes SeeFusion™ and SeeJava™, among others. In addition to being an expert programmer and software architect, Daryl is particularly well-known for his unparalleled knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, and of database design and tuning in general. In 2008, Daryl stepped down from his Chief Architect role in order to focus on SeeFusion™ development.

Mike Brunt, Co-Founder, Director of Performance Engineering Services, CTO Emeritus

Mike Brunt

Practice Areas: Performance Engineering, SeeSoftware, Amazon Hosting

Mike's career in computing spans over 25 years. Working at British Leyland in England in the late 1970's, he was one of a team responsible for implementing dedicated terminal systems, allowing inventory control and direct order submittal to Leyland distributors. In the early 1990's, Mike became involved in the early development of Tele-Radiology in the U.S. Working alongside Kodak Digital Imaging, Lucent Technology and GTE (Verizon), Mike was the Chief Architect responsible for developing distributed SAN-WAN systems for the remote reading of diagnostic radiology images (quite literally life-critical systems). Mike's experience with Adobe technologies dates back to 1995 and version 1.54 of ColdFusion (he still has tech support emails from Jeremy Allaire himself!), and Mike has developed large-scale Web applications with every version of ColdFusion since. In 2000, he was recruited by Allaire Corporation to join an elite team of Web application specialists. On leaving Macromedia in 2001, Mike co-founded Webapper, and held the CTO role from 2001 to 2006, directing all of Webapper's technology initiatives in that period. In 2006, Mike traded his role as co-owner and CTO for the role at Webapper he loves the most—providing software solutions the Webapper Way as a senior Web application engineer and our Director of Performance Engineering Services.

Clement Huge, Senior Database Administrator

Clement Huge

Practice Area: Performance Engineering

Clement Huge has been working with complex OLTP and OLAP enterprise database servers since 1997. He has provided enterprise database architecture and administration services across a wide range of industries —market research, CRM, telecommunications, publishing and e-commerce. In his role as Senior DBA, Clement leads Webapper's efforts to bring enterprise-grade database services to ColdFusion customers—high performance, high availability systems, replication, mirroring, log shipping, clustering, server federation, horizontal partitioning, geo-mirroring and geo-clustering, business Intelligence (datawarehouse, OLAP, ETL and reporting services), and more. Clement also specializes in database migrations, particularly from SQL Server 2000/2005 to 2008.

Nat Papovich, Director (Emeritus) of Development Services

Nat Papovich

Practice Area: Application Development

As an experienced Lead Web Architect and Director of Development Services, Nat heads the development team at Webapper. He has been developing ColdFusion-Fusebox applications since 1998 and has architected dozens of custom Web applications, ranging from online futures trading applications and vertical-industry portals to ecommerce and intranet Web applications. As an expert in structured application development, Nat has contributed to the formalization of many popular Fusebox concepts (a popular programming framework) and was instrumental in the release of version 3. In addition to being an active participant in the Fusebox community and in developing Fusebox specifications, he contributed to and technical-edited "Fusebox Methodology and Techniques", and is the co-author of "Fusebox: Developing ColdFusion Applications". He is a regular speaker at user groups, conferences and events. Nat has also spearheaded the formalization of Webapper's development best practices, from requirements-gathering and wireframing/prototyping, to the automation of unit testing and the introduction of continuous integration tools to Webapper's source control systems.

In 2012, Nat retired from software in order to smash apples.

Patrick Quinn, Co-Founder, President & CTO

Patrick Quinn

Practice Areas: All (Owner)

Patrick began his technology career in 1997, first by building and supporting computer networks and working with related technologies, and soon after moving into developing software. His career took a quantum leap forward in 2000 when he was hired, through a global recruiting search, as a consultant for Allaire Corporation (acquired by Macromedia, Inc. in 2001), a world leader in Web application technologies. At Allaire/Macromedia, Patrick served as a technical consultant on some of world's largest Web applications at leading companies such as Bridgestone-Firestone, Clear Channel Communications, Cable & Wireless, Intuit and The United States Postal Service, among others. Upon leaving Macromedia in 2001, Patrick embarked upon forming his own software company, starting as an independent consultant for companies such as Napster and ProductionPoint Global Network, and later partnering with Mike Brunt, another former Allaire/Macromedia consultant, to form Webapper Services, LLC. As the owner and CTO of Webapper, Patrick leads his company in specializing in all aspects of Web application engineering, from application development to TNT (tuning and troubleshooting), infrastructure, launch and database services, and also including business strategies for the Web. Webapper has provided Web application expertise to premiere clients such as Ernst & Young, Sempra Energy, NASA, Visa, Cornell University, Cengage Learning and the U.S. Federal Government, along with hundreds of other companies and organizations around the world.

Patrick holds two degrees from the University of Chicago. He has served as Board President of The Mederi Foundation (a cancer treatment organization in Ashland, OR) and The Rivendell School (the oldest private secular school in Fort Collins, CO, where Webapper is headquartered).

You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus.

Erik Voldengen, Senior Architect

Erik Voldengen

Practice Area: Application Development, Amazon Hosting

Erik's connection to Webapper traces back to his founding of Fusium Software with Nat Papovich. Erik and Nat together wrote scores of complex web applications, ranging from e-commerce systems to data crunching apps. They also contributed numerous tools to the community that were used by thousands of developers all over the world. Following Fusium's acquisition by Webapper in 2007, Erik worked independently for a while, before joining Webapper first on a project basis, and then as a member of the core team. Erik is especially adept at advanced SQL development, having coded some of Webapper's most complex SQL logic, and he's also active in the development of Webapper's Amazon Web Services hosting practice.

Perry Woodin, Director of Development Services

Perry Woodin

Practice Area: Application Development

Perry started working with ColdFusion version 2.0 in 1997. Since then, he has worked for various web development companies, mostly in Director of Web Development roles, until October of 2001 when he became an independent consultant. In 2003, Perry co-authored Discovering Fusebox 4 with ColdFusion. Over the years he has architected and developed wide variety of web applications, including numerous eCommerce systems, web portals, business management-oriented applications, applications for financial and managed care companies, product information management systems, a system controls company intranet, and others. In 2008, Perry was the project lead on a ColdFusion-Flex application that made Laptop Magazine's "Top 50 Web Applications of 2008".

In 2012, Perry took the baton from Nat Papovich as Webapper's Director of Development Services.

The Best of the Rest...

In addition to our permament team members, our leading role in the ColdFusion community has allowed us to build a close network of top Web application engineering talent to supplement our staff from time to time.

Our Most Prized Possession

Webapper is proud and honored to have provided products and services to these and other distinguished clients all around the world.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers The Federal Reserve Board University of California Los Angeles Eli Lilly Northwestern University American Power Conversion Corporation CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. Ernst & Young Leap Wireless International Macromedia Enablement Services Napster The Home Depot Royal Bank of Scotland Sempra Energy The United States Air Force Video Professor Visa Visa

Contact Us About ColdFusion Support

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